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Definition: 1. unbiased or without opinion; 2. not taking sides; 3. indistinct or not noticeable; 4. in chemistry, neither acidic nor alkaline; 5. in physics, without electrical charge; 6. having no movement or growth

Synonyms: objective, unbiased, impartial, disinterested, indeterminate, bland, colorless, indistinct, inactive, uninvolved

Antonyms: biased, decided, opinionated, acidic, alkaline, charged, active

Tips: The last definition of neutral helps explain why a gear on vehicles is called "neutral." It is the gear for when there is no forward progress. Neutral is used in many specialized situations such as physics and chemistry. The verb neutralize means "to make something neutral, and therefore balanced or inoffensive." One could, for instance, neutralize a bitter taste by adding sugar.

Usage Examples:

Switzerland is known for being a neutral country during times of war. (uninvolved, impartial)

Katie tried to neutralize the tension by laughing loudly. (de-activate, balance) verb

Since she didn't know what her date would be wearing to the party, she decided to go with something neutral. (beige, colorless)

It is a judge's duty to remain neutral and unbiased during a case. (objective, impartial)

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