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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to annoy or irritate someone; 2. to sting; (n.) a stinging plant with serrated leaves, or a plant resembling one that stings

Synonyms: (v.) annoy, sting, irritate, tease, vex, bother, exasperate

Antonyms: soothe

Tips: For a memory trick, think of the way the stinging nettle plant would sting and irritate your skin if you brushed up against it. This is how nettle also came to mean "to irritate or bother." Nettle is not to be confused with the word mettle, which refers to courage and determination, or meddle, which means to interfere with.

Usage Examples:

If you are going to go on the hike, watch out for stinging nettle. (stinging plants) noun

If you continue to nettle him about every little thing, he won't want to be around you. (annoy, irritate) verb

Her sharp remarks nettled him. (stung) verb

It was bad enough that I lost the argument, but his self-satisfied smile really nettled me. (irritated, vexed, exasperated) verb

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