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Definition: 1. newly coming into existence; 2. beginning to develop

Synonyms: new, primary, initial, developing, evolving, growing, budding, incipient

Antonyms: old, dying

Tips: Nascent comes from the Latin nasci, which means "to be born." Nascent refers to things emerging or recently having come into being and now developing. Nascent is synonymous with insipient. Both are sophisticated words used to describe something new, developing, evolving, beginning, budding. Nascent is usually followed by a noun--nascent idea, nascent relationship--while incipient often stands alone: "Democracy is insipient in that part of the world." Otherwise, these words can be used interchangeably.

Usage Examples:

The nascent community outreach program was already beginning to garner results. (new, developing)

The nascent industry is sure to boom, so I would buy in now. (budding, new)

Although we are still in our nascent stages, we certainly have high hopes for the future of our company. (initial, developing)

She was very lucky they caught the cancer early, because in its nascent stages, it is still highly treatable. (initial, primary)

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