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Definition: egocentric, vain, or having a love for one's own physical appearance or talents

Synonyms: vain, egocentric, egomaniacal, self-centered, egoistic, self-absorbed

Antonyms: humble, self-deprecating

Tips: Narcissistic comes from the name of a Greek mythological character, Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection. Narcissus loved his reflection so much that he fell into a lake trying to observe himself and ended up drowning. Narcissistic people have excessive admiration for themselves. A narcissist is someone who is very self-involved and vain.

Usage Examples:

That guys is so narcissistic he can't pass by a mirror without checking himself out. (vain, egoistic)

Even though she talks about herself a lot, I think she is more insecure than narcissistic. (egocentric)

His narcissistic attitude makes him rather insensitive when it comes to others' needs and feelings. (self-centered, egocentric)

It is clear that Natasha is a narcissist, as she has so many pictures of herself all over her house. (vain or self-absorbed person) noun

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