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Definition: having many diverse elements, parts, members, or components

Synonyms: diverse, eclectic, mixed, various, varied, sundry, manifold, numerous, assorted, heterogeneous

Antonyms: single, homogeneous

Tips: Multifarious is similar to multi-faceted and has a similar meaning. In both cases, the prefix multi- means "many." Multifarious refers to anything varied and diverse. For a memory trick, note how multifarious looks like "multiple" and "various" combined. Multifarious means having "multiple" or "various" parts/components.

Usage Examples:

The group of athletes participating in the competition is multifarious; they all have different athletic backgrounds. (diverse, varied)

Her multifarious interests include scuba diving, writing poetry, and teaching French classes. (varied, numerous, eclectic)

Her multifarious collection of antiques is quite impressive. (diverse, eclectic, numerous)

The man stood in front of the judge, accused of committing multifarious crimes during a short span of time. (various, numerous)

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