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adjective, verb, noun

Definition: (adj.) 1. open to argument or debate; 2. irrelevant or unimportant; (v.) to have a formal argument or suggest formally; (n.) a debate on hypothetical issues (usually in law school)

Synonyms: (adj.) arguable, disputable, debatable, contestable, irrelevant, (v.) broach, argue, debate

Antonyms: (adj.) inarguable, indisputable

Tips: Moot is most commonly used as an adjective, as in: "That is a moot point." The word can be looked at as a contradiction of itself since it means both "arguable" and "not worth arguing." The argument is moot because it could be argued forever, so it is debatable, but it's also not worth debating, since neither side will ever win--it is pointless to discuss the argument further.

Usage Examples:

Whether the profit model will work or not is a moot point if we donít get more funding to keep the company afloat. (irrelevant) adjective

We could argue about this forever; itís a moot point, in my opinion. (contestable, arguable) adjective

My boss' strong comments rendered my opinion moot. (irrelevant) adjective

Whether or not you wanted to attend the tennis match is now moot, since it's been cancelled due to rain. (irrelevant) adjective

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