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Definition: 1. to calm or soothe somebody who is angry or upset; 2. to make something less intense or severe; 3. to make something less hard, rigid, or stiff

Synonyms: pacify, placate, soothe, calm, relieve, allay, ameliorate

Antonyms: exasperate

Tips: Mollify is derived from the Latin mollis, meaning “soft.” When you mollify something, you soften its impact. The word emollient comes from the same Latin root and means "softening, soothing," and as a noun, means "a softening solution," like a lotion.

Usage Examples:

The client is really upset; we need to think of how we can mollify his concerns. (calm)

In an effort to mollify his stress, Charlie often practiced yoga after work. (soothe, calm)

The President tried to mollify his critics in the military by increasing military spending. (appease, placate)

We need to send over the Director of Client Services to help mollify the client’s concerns. (allay)

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