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Definition: 1. to be involved in an unpleasant situation which is hard to escape; 2. to cause to get stuck in wet, soggy ground

Synonyms: entangle, entrap, bog down, muck, morass

Antonyms: escape, get free

Tips: One of the definitions for mire is "to be weighed down in dirt." Think of falling in the mud and being slowed down by your muddy clothes. One can literally be "mired in mud," or feel entangled and stuck in a difficult situation. If you are mired in the past, you are stuck in the past and you have figurative dirt on you as a constant reminder of bad things that happened in the past. Mire can also be a noun, meaning a difficult situation or thick mud or bog. Mire is related to the word morass, which literally means "a swamp" and can be used to describe something that traps or confines you. You can be mired (stuck) in the morass (swamp, bog, confinement) of bureaucratic paper work. Mire is the root of the word quagmire.

Usage Examples:

Our creative director is so mired in the past, he hasnít come up with any original ideas in months. (bogged down)

The software company is so mired in technical difficulties, it is not embarking on new enterprises. (entangled)

She was so mired in self-doubt that she never believed any compliments she received. (entangled, bogged down)

It is good to have a friend with a Jeep if you find your car mired in mud. (bogged down)

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