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Definition: marked by precision and careful attention to detail

Synonyms: thorough, careful, painstaking, exact, precise, flawless, particular, detailed, picky

Antonyms: inaccurate, careless

Tips: Meticulous is derived from the Latin meticulous, "fearful." It could be that meticulous came to have it's meaning of "careful and detailed" from "fear of making a mistake." Someone who is meticulous is extremely careful and picky in attention to detail. Likewise, something meticulous is perfect.

Usage Examples:

I have him proof-read all my work because he is a meticulous editor who catches every spelling or punctuation error. (thorough, careful)

He painted a meticulous portrait of the actress, which captured her unique facial features. (precise, detailed)

The many hours of meticulous planning paid off, and the event was a complete success. (painstaking, careful)

She has a "Type A" personality and meticulously fusses over every detail before throwing a party. (painstakingly, carefully, thoroughly) adverb

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