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Definition: a literary term or figure of speech, which describes something in a non-literal way by drawing a comparison

Synonyms: symbol, analogy, figure of speech, simile, image, allegory


Tips: Metaphors are commonly used in the English language. It is important to learn the subtle differences between a metaphor, a simile, an allegory, and an analogy. Metaphor and simile are synonymous. Both are used to compare two different things in a way that connects them or to show similarity. The main difference is that a simile always includes the words "as" or "like." For example: "She is as pretty as a picture" is a simile, while "she is a picture of beauty" is a methaphor. An allegory is a story, play, poem, picture or other work in which the characters and events represent particular qualities or ideas, related to morality, religion, or politics. For example, the book "Animal Farm" was an allegory that criticized communism using pigs and farm animals. Finally, an analogy is a comparison of two similar things, where you point out their similarities. "The brain is analagous with the computer" is an analogy that compares the similarities of the brain and a computer. The adjective methaphorical describes language that contains metaphors. Metaphorically is the adverb form.

Usage Examples:

"The mind is an ocean of constant change" is a metaphor, while "the mind is like an ocean" is a simile. (symbol, figure of speech)

"The city is like a jungle" is a simile, while "the city is a jungle" is a metaphor. (symbol, figure of speech)

The writer uses a metaphorical style throughout her latest novel. (involving comparison) adjective

No, he didnít really shoot himself in the foot; I was speaking metaphorically. (symbolically) adverb

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