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Definition: 1. a transformation in physical form or character; 2. a sudden change in something

Synonyms: change, transformation, evolution, mutation, transfiguration

Antonyms: constancy

Tips: In science and zoology, metamorphosis refers to the process by which insects and certain animals develop into their adult form. One of the most extreme types of metamorphosis is when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. In a more general sense, metamorphosis refers to complete change or transformation. The verb form is metamorphose. The plural form is metamorphoses.

Usage Examples:

I believe that Juan has undergone a real metamorphosis in the last year, changing from someone young and inexperienced to one of our most savvy and successful sales associates. (transformation, evolution)

Few events in nature are as impressive as the metamorphosis of caterpillar into butterfly. (change, transformation)

The early, unexpected snowstorm created an overnight metamorphosis from summer to winter. (change, transformation)

During the renovation process, it was exciting to watch my kitchen metamorphose from a cramped place to store food into a beautiful space for cooking and entertaining. (change, evolve, transform) verb

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