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Definition: 1. to enrapture or take all of someone's attention and focus it completely on one thing; 2. to hypnotize

Synonyms: hypnotize, enrapture, charm, transfix, captivate, fascinate, spellbind, enthrall

Antonyms: bore

Tips: Although hypnotize is an older definition for mesmerize, the idea of being completely under the influence of someone or something and totally absorbed by it can still be found in the more modern usage of mesmerize. The word mesmerize was created from the name Mesmer, an Austrian doctor who hypnotized his patients. The adjective form, mesmerizing, describes something captivating or enthralling.

Usage Examples:

The magic show had the entire audience mesmerized. (enthralled, fascinated)

He was known for being easily mesmerized by beautiful women. (enraptured, captivated)

The kids at the campfire were mesmerized by the ghost story told by their counselor. (spellbound, transfixed)

The music was so mesmerizing it was as if I was transported to another world while listening to it. (hypnotizing, spellbinding) adjective

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