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Definition: relating to work which is uninteresting and doesn't require much skill or training

Synonyms: humble, lowly, common, servile

Antonyms: interesting, skilled, noble, elevated

Tips: Menial is usually used to describe domestic chores and has its root in the Latin word mansio, "house." It also describes the person doing the menial work and can also be used as a noun, meaning "servant." You will often hear menial used to describe unskilled work and work that most people don't want to do or want to avoid.

Usage Examples:

I donít mind doing menial tasks like cleaning the house; I actually find them quite relaxing. (humble, common)

He decided to finish high school and get a college education because he didnít want to be stuck doing menial labor for the rest of his life. (lowly, servile)

One summer, I was hired by a family to help them with menial chores like washing dishes, doing laundry, and cleaning the house. (servile, household)

I think it's good for kids to do menial labor like cleaning houses and washing dishes for a summer; it makes them respect school and the value of an education much more. (non-skilled, servile)

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