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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) causing or having depression or a thoughtful sadness; (n.) a feeling of deep sadness

Synonyms: (adj.) sad, disconsolate, depressed, mournful, dejected, pensive, (n.) sadness, depression, dejection, gloom, pensiveness

Antonyms: (adj.) happy, ecstatic, joyous, (n.) happiness, joy

Tips: Melancholy comes from a Greek word melankholia, which meant "black bile." People of a gloomy or downcast disposition were thought to suffer from a medical excess of black bile. Melancholy refers not just to general sadness, but to thoughtful and deep sadness. When someone is melancholy, he or she is thinking sad thoughts and usually has a pensive expression.

Usage Examples:

When her best friend moved away, the girl remained melancholy for some time. (sad, dejected) adjective

He was a quiet, melancholy sort of man, who always gave the impression of someone who had suffered greatly in his life. (sad, depressed) adjective

He wallowed for a time in his melancholy, before beginning to move forward again in his life. (sadness, depression) noun

There was a state of melancholy among the students when their favorite professor passed away. (sadness, gloom) noun

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