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Definition: 1. shapeable or easily bent; 2. susceptible to influence

Synonyms: flexible, pliant, adaptable, impressionable, tractable, ductile, moldable

Antonyms: refractory, hard, unbendable, intractable, unmanageable

Tips: Malleable comes from the Latin malleus, or "hammer." Metals or alloys that are malleable, such as gold, are easily reshaped with a hammer. People whose opinions are easily shaped or influenced by others are also said to be malleable.

Usage Examples:

Our shop teacher said that for our next project, we would be using a malleable metal alloy that we could easily reshape. (pliant, flexible)

She was a timid, malleable girl, easily bent to the will of others. (impressionable, easily influenced)

Structural engineers don't use many malleable metals in their work. (flexible, ductile, pliant)

She was na´ve, had a malleable mind, and was easily influenced by other's opinions. (impressionable, moldable)

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