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Definition: to feign illness in order to avoid obligations, especially work

Synonyms: duck, dodge, loaf, slack, act, pretend

Antonyms: oblige

Tips: Malinger comes from the French word malingre, or "sickly," even though in the English usage the word means "to pretend to be ill" rather to actually be so. Do NOT confuse this word with linger (loiter). Many people use the word malinger to suggest walking around slowly or loitering; this is incorrect. A person who "skips out on" work or other obligations by pretending to be ill is known as a malingerer.

Usage Examples:

I was just malingering when I called in sick; really, I was at the beach. (slacking, faking illness)

Senior ditch day is a tradition at many high schools, during which time graduating students opt to malinger rather than attend class, all on the same day. (loaf, dodge, feign illness)

Anyone caught malingering in our office will be promptly let go. (slacking, ducking responsibility)

I would love to malinger today in order to go skiing, but I have too much I need to get done. (dodge work, slack off)

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