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Definition: 1. awkward or clumsy--not adroit or adept; 2. lacking tact and being insensitive in speech or behavior

Synonyms: inept, clumsy, awkward, inelegant, graceless, tactless

Antonyms: adroit, adept, skillful, graceful

Tips: Maladroit comes from French and literally means "not adroit." It is often used to refer to someone who is clumsy or tactless. Mal, in French, means "bad," and is used as a negative prefix in words adapted into English. Adroit is used to describe someone who is highly skilled, both physically and mentally, so if someone is maladroit that person is not socially, physically, or mentally skilled, but is clumsy and unaware of what is appropriate behavior.

Usage Examples:

His maladroit behavior at the office party was just one of many reasons why he was passed over for the promotion. (tactless, inept)

A newcomer to ice skating, she proved rather maladroit and fell several times. (awkward, clumsy)

He is not used to going to parties, so he is often maladroit in social situations. (awkward, graceless)

Bob's maladroit dancing caused him to step on his partner's feet several times. (inept, clumsy, graceless)

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