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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) a thing or quality that serves as an attraction or enticement; (v.) to persuade someone to do something by enticing the person with something tempting

Synonyms: (n.) bait, enticement, temptation, trap, (v.) entice, attract, tempt, bait, allure, seduce

Antonyms: (n.) caution, turn-off, (v.) repulse

Tips: A lure is anything that can be used to tempt someone to do something or go somewhere. A lure is also the device placed on the end of a fishing hook to catch fish, so in many ways, a lure is a trap.

Usage Examples:

Kidnappers often lure small children to their cars by pretending to ask for directions. (entice, bait, trap) verb

My favorite store was having a sale, and I was lured to the mall by the promise of savings. (tempted, attracted) verb

The lure of a better paycheck caused me to quit my job in order to work for our biggest competitor. (temptation, enticement) noun

I placed the lure at the end of my line and waited for a fish to bite. (bait) noun

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