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Definition: 1. clear and easily understood; 2. rational and mentally clear; 3. shining or emitting light

Synonyms: clear, evident, obvious, unmistakable, sane, rational, intelligent, bright, radiant, brilliant

Antonyms: unclear, gloomy, murky

Tips: Lucid is derived from the Latin lucidus, from lucere, “to shine,” from the stem luc- “light." This is also the source of the words elucidate and translucent. Lucid is often used to describe a person’s thought process or writing technique. Think, clarity from shining a light--you have "shined a light" on something and now it is easier to see and understand...it is lucid.

Usage Examples:

You can tell the vacation did him well; his thoughts, ideas, and reports were more lucid when he returned. (clear, rational)

All of his ideas were clear and easy to follow; he impressed everyone with his lucid speaking ability. (brilliant)

I wish he could present the abstruse subject in a more lucid manner. (clear, sensible)

The communication consultant was so good, she could make an inarticulate person sound lucid within a couple consultations. (clear, intelligent)

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