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Definition: 1. to recline in a relaxed and lazy position; 2. to hang loosely

Synonyms: lounge, sprawl, loaf, loiter, languish, recline, droop, hang

Antonyms: stand, move

Tips: Loll is often followed by the preposition "about." It's similar to loiter in that it denotes hanging around aimlessly, but lolling is an even more relaxed action: one would loll, not loiter, on a hammock. It can also refer to things that loll (hang loosely), like a dog's tongue. Do not confuse loll with its homonym lull.

Usage Examples:

We decided to just loll about rather than doing any sort of formal activity. (lounge)

To my best friend, vacations are meant for lolling about the pool and relaxing. (reclining, lounging)

We knew it was time to take the dogs home from the park when they stopped playing ball and laid down in the shade with their tongues lolling out. (hanging, drooping)

I spent Sunday afternoon lolling, napping, and reading in my hammock. (lounging, languishing)

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