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Definition: 1. to stand around or hang out in an area, without a reason for being there; 2. to move unnecessarily slowly

Synonyms: dawdle, loaf, idle, lurk, dally, linger

Antonyms: hurry, rush

Tips: The essential meaning of loiter is "to spend time aimlessly." Many cities have regulations against loitering outside businesses or other public areas. The expression "loiter with intent" can refer to hanging around, waiting for an opportunity to commit a crime.

Usage Examples:

The police officer asked the teenagers not to loiter outside the grocery store. (linger, hang out)

We spent most of the summer loitering about, not doing much. (dawdling, idling)

The kids liked to loiter outside the candy store, always hoping the owner might be kind enough to give them something for free. (hang out, lurk)

We loitered at the club until well past closing time, and the owner eventually asked us to leave. (lingered, dawdled, idled)

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