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Definition: 1. furiously angry; 2. bruised and therefore black and blue; 3. pale or ashen

Synonyms: furious, enraged, fuming, angry, incensed, bruised, black-and-blue, discolored, pale, ashen, pallid

Antonyms: happy, cheerful, rosy

Tips: Most of livid's uses have something to do with trauma and strong emotions. A bruise and its discoloration arise from physical trauma. A pale, ashen complexion may follow an emotional shock or trauma. Extreme anger may also arise in response to some sort of unhappy circumstance and is a strong emotion.

Usage Examples:

After her bicycle crash, her skin was livid with bruises for several weeks. (black-and-blue, bruised)

With his expectant wife in the delivery room, the soon-to-be father looked quite livid and unsteady. (pale, ashen, pallid)

When her boss once again took credit for all of the work Kim had done, she was absolutely livid. (furious, enraged)

I was livid when I found out that he had been telling lies about me. (enraged, incensed)

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