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Definition: 1. money or property left through a will; 2. something handed down from one person or generation to another

Synonyms: grant, bequest, gift, bestowal, heritage, inheritance


Tips: A legacy is something left by an individual, usually, but not always, after death or the end of a career. Legacy can also refer to a part of history and describe what one generation leaves to the next. Legacy can also be an adjective that refers to old computer hardware or software.

Usage Examples:

The company founders left a legacy of competitive spirit and top marketing strategy that lives on in this corporation. (heritage, bestowal)

Since she had no immediate family, she left a large legacy to her favorite charity. (gift, grant)

The Greeks left behind a rich cultural legacy of poetry, theater, and philosophy. (heritage, gift, history)

It's time the FBI upgrades from its legacy systems to more sophisticated database technology. (old, outdated) adjective

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