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Definition: 1. not strict or rigid, but tolerant and lenient; 2. not taut or tight; 3. lacking in firmness, strength, and resilience

Synonyms: slack, lenient, soft, yielding, careless, relaxed, easy-going, indifferent

Antonyms: strict, strong, firm

Tips: Lax is derived from the Latin laxus, which means "loose, open." Notice that relax ends in lax, so think of a person or thing that's relaxed or loose. Somebody who is lax is loose, lacking in strength or strictness. This is a good word to critique someone who is not strict enough with his or her children or who doesn't take his or her job responsibilities seriously enough: "You're too lax with your children's manners." "You're too lax about coming into work on time."

Usage Examples:

The politician has been accused of having a lax attitude toward immigration. (soft, lenient)

According to the report, lax safety practices contributed to the man's injury. (slack, relaxed)

His lax handshake caused me to mistrust his intentions. (slack, soft)

Her lax approach to child rearing caused her children to become independent at an early age. (relaxed, easy-going)

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