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Definition: 1. to scold or criticize severely; 2. to beat or whip someone (archaic)

Synonyms: punish, attack, berate, assail, censure, criticize, scold

Antonyms: praise, honor

Tips: Lambaste originally meant "to beat or thrash," in the physical sense, but is now used in the figurative sense of "harshly criticizing or thrashing" through words. To lambaste someone is to criticize harshly and severely. Lambaste is synonymous with berate, censure, and rebuke. See rebuke for further analysis.

Usage Examples:

The watchdog group lambasted the President for his overspending. (berated)

The neighbor called Child Services after she overheard the woman lambasting her children. (assailing, attacking, berating)

It's much more productive to offer constructive criticism than to lambaste somebody for wrongdoing. (censure, berate)

I decided never to talk to her again after she lambasted me for a small mistake. (attacked, berated)

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