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Definition: using only a few words to express yourself--brief

Synonyms: short, brief, concise, terse, succinct, sharp, snippy, pithy

Antonyms: lengthy, long, extended, verbose, talkative, garrulous

Tips: A statement that is laconic is brief and to the point. It is cut short so as not to be verbose. Laconic is somewhere in between curt (short and rude) and succinct (short and to the point, pithy). When used as a critique, laconic refers to being short in a rude and almost mysterious way. When used as a compliment, laconic describes being short in order to be polite and not overly verbose.

Usage Examples:

His laconic reply made her worry that he was angry about something. (sharp, terse)

Although they were both able to talk extensively about a number of topics, they usually only exchanged laconic remarks with each other. (short, brief, terse)

She didn't like to talk on the phone, so if she did have to call someone, she kept her conversations laconic. (brief, pithy)

We don't have time for a long meeting, so please keep your comments laconic. (short, concise, pithy)

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