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Definition: praise for an achievement

Synonyms: praise, recognition, credit, glory, award, appreciation, admiration, fame

Antonyms: criticism

Tips: Kudos is an expression of recognition, approval, and commendation. A person who receives kudos receives appreciation. You may recall a candy bar called Kudos. The maker of the Kudos candy bar was hoping teachers would reward their students' great work with a Kudos candy bar. The candy bar would serve as a physical kudos--recognition or praise. The word kudos is used as a more sophisticated way of describing the praise and credit that one earns from doing a job well done. Kudos is similar in meaning to accolade and commendation. See detailed analysis at accolade. Now, kudos to you for reading this entire tip!

Usage Examples:

You should receive kudos for a job well done. (credit, praise)

He really deserves kudos for that great presentation. (praise)

Judy has received kudos and accolades for her work with several charity organizations. (recognition, appreciation, admiration)

What she did was very admirable and deserves kudos. (praise, credit)

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