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Definition: 1. to start a fire; 2. to excite or arouse

Synonyms: ignite, flame, blaze, light, flare, awaken, arouse, excite

Antonyms: deaden, inhibit, extinguish

Tips: Kindle is derived from the Middle English kindelen, which means "to cause" or "to give birth to." In modern English kindle means "to cause [or give birth to] a fire." The meaning of causing or arousing emotion stemmed from this as well. Remember, kindling is small bits of wood that catch fire easily and are used to start a fire. You have probably heard the expression "rekindle an old flame," which means to "start up" an old relationship again and usually a romantic relationship.

Usage Examples:

The petition was designed to kindle awareness about global warming. (awaken)

They needed kindling in order to build a strong bonfire. (something to start a blaze) noun

Two years after their divorce, Bob tried to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife. (reignite, arouse)

Traveling to the Galapagos islands as a teenager kindled my interest in become a marine biologist. (awakened, aroused)

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