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Definition: placed side by side, especially in order to show a comparison

Synonyms: bordering, adjoining, neighboring, adjacent, touching

Antonyms: separated

Tips: Juxtaposed is derived from the Latin juxta, "beside" and pose, "put into position." Therefore, juxtaposed literally means, "in a side-by-side position." The verb juxtapose means "to place side by side," often for comparison. The related noun is juxtaposition and denotes a comparison or relationship between two or more things. For a memory trick, note how juxtapose sounds like "just suppose." Now, imagine you wanted to paint a wall and you asked your roommate to "just suppose we painted the wall this color green or this color blue" and swatches of each color were juxtaposed (presented side by side) on the wall for your roommate to consider. Juxtaposed is similar in meaning to adjacent. Please see adjacent for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

In her documentary, the director juxtaposed poverty with affluence in order to evoke more emotion from the audience. (compared, adjoined) verb

Violent images of war were juxtaposed with peaceful images of babies in the photographer's new exhibit. (placed side by side) verb

The painting was about the juxtaposition of pain and pleasure. (comparison, contrast) noun

It was difficult to see the difference between the two colors chosen by the designer, until they were juxtaposed. (touching, bordering, side by side)

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