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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to agree with or conform to something; 2. in nautical terminology, to shift a sail from one side of a vessel to the other; (n.) an insulting remark intended to have a hurtful effect (also spelled: gibe)

Synonyms: (v.) agree, conform, accord, concur, (n.) insult, wisecrack, mockery, ridicule

Antonyms: (v.) differ, disagree, clash, (n.) compliment

Tips: Although its origins are unknown, jibe appears to be a variant of jib "shift in sails," rib "teasing remark" and chime "harmonious." Jibe has taken on all three of those meanings. For the meaning of "an insult or wisecrack," jibe is also, and more commonly, spelled with a "g": gibe, and can also be used in the verb form.

Usage Examples:

His sarcastic jibes during the trial got him removed from the courtroom. (wisecracks) noun

She quit her job because her needs just didn't jibe with the company's policies. (agree, conform) verb

Before sailing on her own, Kirstin needed to learn how to tack and jibe. (change direction with a shift of the sail) verb

After awhile you get used to his little jibes and you no longer get offended by them. (wise cracks, insults) noun

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