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Definition: 1. being or feeling apart from others; 2. happening rarely or only in a single case

Synonyms: separated, apart, secluded, alone, lonely, unique, rare, sporadic, one-time

Antonyms: connected, joined

Tips: The adjective isolated is related to the verb isolate. To isolate means "to separate from others" or "to cut off an area so as to make it unreachable." This ultimately comes from the Latin word insula, "island," and insulatus, "made into an island." When you are physically or emotionally separated from others you are isolated, like an island. Something (like an illness) can also be isolated if it occurs only rarely or in a single instance and doesn't pose any general threat. You may heard the phrase "it was an isolated incident," meaning it occurred once and was contained.

Usage Examples:

I hope Kenny's terrible behavior was only an isolated incident and that it won't happen again. (unique, rare, one-time)

She felt isolated from her peers because she did not speak their language. (separated, apart)

This appears to be an isolated virus, but we should put out a public warning, just in case. (unique, rare)

It isn't healthy to isolate yourself from friends and family when you are feeling depressed. (seclude, remove, separate) verb

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