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Definition: 1. uncertain how to act; 2. lacking decisiveness and resolve

Synonyms: indecisive, hesitant, doubtful, faltering, fearful, uncertain

Antonyms: determined, guided, resolute

Tips: Think of the root word resolve, which means "to reach a firm decision." The root word of irresolute, resolute, means "determined in character, action, or ideas." Combine resolute with the negative prefix ir-, which means "not," and irresolute describes people who lack resolve and cannot make firm decisions.

Usage Examples:

Because of his irresolute disposition, the politician never took a firm stance on any issue. (hesitant, indecisive)

The irresolute girl could not decide on a dress to wear to the prom. (indecisive)

Her reply seemed irresolute, and I could tell she was still uncertain. (hesitant, doubtful)

John was irresolute about supporting the issue, so he didn't want to devote a lot of time to it. (faltering, fearful, uncertain)

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