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Definition: descriptive of examining and analyzing your own thoughts, experiences, and feelings

Synonyms: contemplative, meditative, pensive, musing, reflective, pondering, speculative, attentive

Antonyms: unreflective, thoughtless

Tips: Introspective is derived from the Latin intro, which means "inward, on the inside," and specere, which means "to look at." Introspection refers to figuratively looking inside yourself. Introspective is similar to pensive. Introspective is used to describe more of a self examination of feelings, while pensive is used to describe general thinking or pondering. Pensive is a good adjective to describe someone who looks like they are deep in thought: "I could tell from the pensive expression on his face that he was being introspective."

Usage Examples:

Her introspective poem about the death of her mother was inspiring to her family. (reflective)

After his relationship ended, the man decided he needed to do some introspection in order to figure out what went wrong. (contemplation, looking inward) noun

I went through an introspective period in my life, where I didn't talk to any of my friends and spent time just reflecting and meditating. (reflective, meditative)

The musician is famous for her introspective songs about failed relationships. (reflective, contemplative)

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