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Definition: refusing to compromise or to be persuaded

Synonyms: unyielding, adamant, difficult, determined, obstinate, uncompromising, steadfast

Antonyms: yielding, compromising

Tips: Intransigent is derived from the Spanish los intransigentes, an extreme political party--literally, “the uncompromising ones.” Intransigent should be used to describe someone who refuses to change his or her mind and will never compromise. Although intransigent can be used to describe things, it is generally used to describe people who will not compromise or be persuaded. Intransigent is synonymous with obdurate and obstinate. Intransigent is different than refusing to change out of stubbornness, like obstinate and obdurate. Intransigent describes those refusing to change, period, no exceptions.

Usage Examples:

Convinced he was right, George became intransigent and would not listen to anyone else's opinion. (obstinate)

His intransigent behavior made it difficult for other people to work with him, because when he fixed his mind on an idea, he wouldn't compromise. (unyielding, uncompromising)

The negotiations came to a halt when both sides took intransigent positions. (unyielding, steadfast, uncompromising)

The one, intransigent jury member who refused to agree with the others caused a mistrial. (unyielding, adamant)

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