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Definition: 1. mutually or reciprocally active; 2. involving the communication or collaboration of people or things; 3. allowing or involving the exchange of information or instructions between a person and a machine, such as a computer or a television

Synonyms: responsive, reciprocal, synergistic, interactional

Antonyms: one-sided

Tips: Interactive is most often heard when discussing "interactive media," such as computers or video games. When technology is interactive, people are able to interact with it.

Usage Examples:

The music web site offers some unique interactive applications that enable visitors to search for music and find background information on individual artists. (responsive)

The Internet is an interactive medium. (interactional)

It was an interactive dialogue, with both sides contributing to the discussion. (synergistic)

A good teacher creates interactive lessons that requires students to participate. (involved with input and output)

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