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Definition: 1. not interested in new or foreign ideas; 2. originating on an island; 3. alone, like an island

Synonyms: narrow-minded, provincial, confined, conservative, conventional, isolated

Antonyms: broad-minded, open, welcoming

Tips: Insular is derived from the Latin word insula, which means "island." Insular describes things that share the characteristics of an island. Someone who is insular is like an island, cut off and unable to accept foreign ideas. Think of the related word insulated, which means "protected or set apart."

Usage Examples:

Many older people cling to insular beliefs without ever considering other people's opinions. (provincial, conservative)

Hawaii's insular culture is quite different from that of the mainland United States. (confined, isolated)

Henry's insular attitude toward foreign countries and cultures restricted his desire to travel. (narrow-minded, provincial)

The children of the small town were quite happy growing up in their insular environment, but once they got older, most were ready to break free and explore the world. (isolated, confined)

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