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Definition: 1. disrespectful and rude; 2. unrestrained by convention

Synonyms: impolite, rude, disrespectful, brazen, insulting, arrogant, abusive, brassy, cheeky

Antonyms: respectful, considerate, polite

Tips: Insolent comes from the Latin word insolens, which means "unusual, arrogant." Someone who is insolent is unusually rude and arrogant, without regard to social courtesy or propriety. The noun insolence denotes the characteristic of being aggressively and extremely rude or disrespectfully arrogant. Insolent is a very strong critique that is often used to describe children who are rude, disrespectful, and "mouthy." Insolent is a particularly harsh critique if you use it to describe an adult. Insolent is synonymous with impudent, impertinent, and brazen. See further analysis at impudent.

Usage Examples:

The insolent child always talked back to his mother. (disrespectful)

His insolent behavior got him thrown out of the courtroom. (rude, brazen)

He is an insolent fool and is not welcome in my house! (impolite, arrogant)

That kind of insolence will not be tolerated in my classroom; you may come back when you've learned some respect. (disrespect, rudeness, arrogance) noun

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