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Definition: 1. having no interest, significance, or impact; 2. without taste of flavor

Synonyms: uninteresting, unimaginative, banal, insignificant, empty, flat, lackluster, jejune, dull, stale, boring, lifeless, bland, vapid, tasteless, flavorless

Antonyms: interesting, significant, imaginative, savory, flavorful

Tips: Insipid is derived from the Latin insipidus, "tasteless." This meaning of having no flavor has translated beyond food, to anything that seems bland, flat, or uninteresting. For a memory trick, think of the root word sip and how you like to sip and savor something with great taste. Then add the negative in-, "not" and think of something insipid as something you would not like to sip or savor because it has no flavor. Insipid is synonymous with vapid, which means flat and lacking flavor. See additional analysis at vapid. To describe something as insipid is a strong critique. Insipid is related to the word banal. Something insipid is boring because it lacks flavor, spice, and excitement--it's just dull. Banal describes something boring and dull because it's been done before and has no originality. See hackneyed for a additional analysis of banal and the related word trite.

Usage Examples:

Her insipid sales presentation had no impact on the client and certainly didnít raise our bottom line. (lackluster, insignificant)

Even the famous actor couldnít help the ratings of the insipid TV show. (boring, lifeless, banal)

The meal was bland and insipid; a simple pizza would have been more tasty. (bland, tasteless, flavorless)

The insipid dialogue and lack of character development in the movie didn't give me any reason to care about the outcome of the plot. (unimaginative, banal, boring)

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