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Definition: 1. eager to learn; 2. extremely curious

Synonyms: curious, inquiring, probing, examining, investigative, nosy, intrusive

Antonyms: unconcerned, disinterested, apathetic

Tips: Think of the related verb quiz, which means "to question repeatedly." People who are inquisitive do a lot of quizzing because they are curious and eager to learn. Inquisitive is a great compliment to use to describe a bright and precocious child who asks lots of questions. It is also a great compliment of anyone who is curious and interested in learning. Inquisitive can also be a critique, describing someone who asks too many questions and is nosy. Note: often the prefix "in-" is negative and means "not" (e.g. invalid = not valid). However, there are also instances, like here, where "in-" is actually part of the original root word and denotes a stronger meaning.

Usage Examples:

The inquisitive child asked many questions during class, driving her teacher crazy. (inquiring, curious)

Her inquisitive nature drove her to learn all she could about science. (curious)

Kyle has an inquisitive mind and likes to study many different subjects. (curious, inquiring)

Gabriella's inquisitive personality led her to become a private investigator. (investigative, probing, nosy)

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