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Definition: too numerous to count

Synonyms: countless, numberless, uncountable, limitless, immense, infinite, many

Antonyms: sparse, insufficient, few

Tips: Think of the related word "number." Innumerable describes too many in number to count. Numerable is actually an adjective that means "able to be counted or expressed with a number." When you add the negative prefix in-, "not," innumerable means "not able to be counted or represented by a number."

Usage Examples:

During the project, we encountered innumerable problems. (countless)

We saw an innumerable amount of fish while scuba diving off the coast. (immense)

There are innumerable differences between us, and that's why we could never be friends. (countless, many)

His innumerable health problems had him seeing his doctor several times a month. (uncountable, immense, many)

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