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Definition: 1. an indirect implication, often malicious or improper; 2. in law, an explanation of a legal term or an interpretation of possibly libelous language

Synonyms: hint, insinuation, sly remark


Tips: Innuendo, in Latin, literally means ďby intimationĒ and is rooted in innuere, which means ďto nod to" or "signify." Innuendo is a suggestion of something (usually inappropriate) that is not stated explicitly, but rather hinted to. The noun insinuation is similar in meaning and related to innuendo. The verb insinuate refers to hinting and making an innuendo (inappropriate suggestion). These terms are generally used in a negative way.

Usage Examples:

His constant sexual innuendoes canít be tolerated; I think itís akin to sexual harassment. (insinuations)

Iím not sure what youíre insinuating, but if you think that Iím going to respond to your innuendo in a positive way, youíre mistaken. (sly remark)

The professor's innuendo offended several students, who complained to the Dean. (insinuation, sly remark)

Ryan is always full of innuendo, and it's hard to get a straight answer from him. (insinuation, hint)

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