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Definition: 1. to fill or cause to be filled with emotion; 2. to fill by pouring; 3. to steep or soak something in a liquid in order to extract its flavor

Synonyms: steep, soak, introduce, inspire, instill, saturate, fill, ingrain, permeate, pervade

Antonyms: drain, remove

Tips: Infuse is derived from the Latin infudere, which means "to pour in." To infuse something means "to instill something as if by pouring." Something that infuses something else permeates and saturates it. The related noun infusion refers to a liquid or mixture created by infusing ingredients into it, like an herbal tea infusion.

Usage Examples:

The coach infused sportsmanship into the players. (instilled, ingrained)

By opening up the new mall, the developer hopes to infuse energy and economic growth into the city. (instill, introduce)

Adding pineapples and onions will infuse a sweet and sour taste into the salad. (introduce, permeate)

Andrea's plan of going to the concert infused new life into our weekend. (introduced, filled)

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