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Definition: to make someone furious

Synonyms: aggravate, anger, enrage, madden, incense, irritate, provoke

Antonyms: please, placate, sooth, pacify

Tips: Think of the related adjective furious, which means "extremely angry." Something that infuriates causes strong anger. Infuriated is the related adjective and describes a feeling of strong anger, while infuriating describes the thing that infuriates. Note: often the prefix in- is negative and means "not" (e.g. invalid = not valid). However, there are also instances like here, where in- is actually part of the original root word and denotes a stronger meaning.

Usage Examples:

Nothing infuriates her more than people who talk on cell phones while driving. (angers, irritates)

His three-hour lunch was likely to infuriate his boss. (aggravate, anger)

I was infuriated when my colleague took credit for my work. (enraged, incensed) adjective

It infuriates me that she constantly mispronounces my name. (maddens, aggravates)

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