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Definition: 1. the basic underlying framework or features of a system or organization; 2. large-scale public systems like power, water supply, roads, public transportation, etc.

Synonyms: groundwork, foundation, framework

Antonyms: superstructure

Tips: Infrastructure refers to the foundation of an organization as well as large scale public systems (such as roads and public buildings) of a country or region. You will often hear information technology (I.T.) professionals discuss their network infrastructure for their computer network.

Usage Examples:

Our company's success depends on the careful development of a solid marketing infrastructure. (foundation, groundwork)

The intricate infrastructure of ancient Rome has always intrigued historians. (framework)

The company needed a more robust network infrastructure to support its growing computer needs. (framework, foundation)

Cities that host the Olympic games must usually add a good deal of infrastructure, such as additional hotels, highways, public transportation systems, and sporting facilities. (groundwork, public systems)

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