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Definition: 1. having an extremely bad reputation; 2. famous for something bad

Synonyms: notorious, disreputable, scandalous, abominable, evil, dishonorable, shameful

Antonyms: honorable, praiseworthy, noble, exalted

Tips: The related adjective famous means someone or something that is very well known. Infamous describes someone who is well known for something considered to be bad. The related noun infamy denotes disrepute or dishonor. Note that although the word infamous combines the negative in-, "not," with famous, it does NOT mean "not famous." It actually means you are well-known, like someone who is famous, but you are known for doing something bad or you have a bad reputation.

Usage Examples:

The infamous virus has claimed many lives this winter season. (notorious)

The corporation's infamous bad business practices left many people worried about the future of the company stock. (scandalous, shameful)

Her infamy followed her wherever she went, and she hired a publicist in hopes of regaining her good reputation. (disrepute, dishonor) noun

The scandal between the President and his intern is now infamous and will forever be a blemish on the face of American politics. (notorious)

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