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Definition: 1. incapable of making a mistake; 2. never failing

Synonyms: perfect, reliable, faultless, flawless

Antonyms: flawed, imperfect, unsound, weak

Tips: Infallible is derived from the Latin in-, "not," and fallibilis, "liable to err, deceitful." Infallible is really a more sophisticated way of saying "perfect and incapable of mistakes." Infallible is usually used to point out that nobody is perfect: "Do you know anyone who is infallible (perfect, incapable of making a mistake or error)?"

Usage Examples:

Many of today's superstar athletes are perceived as infallible by their fans. (incapable of error)

He had a perfect game today; he was infallible. (perfect)

Even the best economists make bad predictions, as no one is infallible when it comes to trying to forecast the economy. (perfect, reliable)

While giving his presentation, he was 'in the zone' and was absolutely infallible. (perfect, incapable of making a mistake)

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