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Definition: 1. not having the ability to move; 2. having no energy or interest, lacking motivation; 3. chemically inactive

Synonyms: motionless, idle, listless, inactive, static, sluggish, lazy, paralyzed, lifeless, dormant

Antonyms: active, energized, lively, spirited

Tips: Inert is derived from the Latin inert, which means "having no skill." The underlying meaning is that of uselessness. Inert describes things which lack usefulness and energy. The related noun inertia refers to the state of not moving or resistance to change. Inertia is also the physical force which keeps something still in place and something moving in motion. For a memory trick, note how inert sounds like "in earth." Now imagine being stuck in earth (dirt, ground) and not being able to move; you would be inert (motionless, inactive, sluggish) if you were stuck in earth.

Usage Examples:

The real estate market seemed almost inert, having slowed down to a crawl. (idle, static)

After running the marathon, she could only lounge on the sofa for the rest of the day, in an inert stage of exhaustion. (motionless)

The chemist combined two inert elements to form one which was active. (not active, static, dormant)

I was riding my bike so fast that when I tried to stop, inertia kept my bike skidding forward for several feet. (force of motion) noun

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