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Definition: not able to be described in words

Synonyms: indescribable, inexpressible, unspeakable, incredible, unutterable, sacred

Antonyms: describable, expressible

Tips: Ineffable is derived from the Latin ineffabilis, which means "unutterable." Something ineffable is unutterable because it is too great to be described through words--it is too sacred to discuss. Ineffable is often used in a less serious context to describe something that is difficult or impossible to describe in words: "her ineffable beauty" or "the ineffable tragedy."

Usage Examples:

The performance was so moving, it could only be described as ineffable. (indescribable, incredible)

After her team won the championship, she experienced ineffable happiness. (inexpressible, incredible)

In ancient Rome, the deity was so sacred her name was ineffable. (unspeakable)

I can't really describe to you how I feel about this; my emotions are ineffable. (indescribable, inexpressible)

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