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Definition: characterized by the tendency to give into a wish or desire--lenient or tolerant

Synonyms: complaisant, compliant, gentle permissive, lenient, tolerant, mild, obliging

Antonyms: oppressive, strict, stern

Tips: Indulgent comes from the Latin word indulgere, which means "to allow space or time for." Being indulgent means you are allowing space and time for things you enjoy. It's related to the verb indulge, which means "to allow or tolerate." If you are indulging someone else's desires, like a child's, you are being tolerant or lenient: "If you would indulge (allow) my opinion, I will tell you what I think." Indulge also means "to take pleasure from," possibly in excess. Indulgent can also be used as an adjective to describe someone who indulges in pleasure. If someone is "self-indulgent" it means they are allowing themselves to have pleasure. The noun indulgence is something you indulge in or take pleasure from.

Usage Examples:

The indulgent mother gave her son everything he wanted. (lenient, complaisant)

His excessive, self-indulgent behavior is what probably caused his bankruptcy. (permissive, lavish, excessive)

She was very kind to indulge me for so many hours and allow me to talk about my problems. (allow, tolerate) verb

Chocolate has long been one of my favorite indulgences. (pleasures, joys) noun

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