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Definition: unmanageable and unable to be corrected or changed, especially through punishment

Synonyms: hopeless, incurable, irredeemable, irreparable, uncorrectable, long-lasting, established

Antonyms: curable, correctable, civil

Tips: Incorigible is derived from the the Latin in corrigere, "not correct." Incorrigible is used to describe something or someone that is not able to be corrected. Use incorrigible to describe someone who can not change his or her bad habits, or in general, is hopeless of being corrected (like in the case of a life-long criminal). Corrigible means the opposite--"able to be fixed, corrected or set right."

Usage Examples:

Obedience school was supposed to correct his behavior, but the incorrigible puppy continued to chase cars and bark all day long. (uncorrectable)

He was an incorrigible pessimist, always finding negative things to say. (hopeless, incurable)

The incorrigible criminal was sentenced to life in prison. (irredeemable, incurable)

He was an incorrigible liar and could not seem to bring himself to tell the truth, no matter how many times he was caught and admonished for lying. (established, long-lasting, incurable)

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